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USA Dance Announces New Proficiency Point Rules & Proficiency Point Guide to Take Effect After the 2017 National Championships

On February 28, 2017, USA Dance, Inc.’s DanceSport Council issued the following Notice to all USA Dance DanceSport Athletes & Officials:

WDSF - USA Dance - Recognized Sport Organization

To: USA Dance DanceSport Athletes & Officials


“During the past year, a committee of DanceSport Athletes has re-written the Proficiency Point Rules for USA Dance and prepared a Proficiency Point Guide. This has been approved by both the DanceSport Council and the Governing Council. This new proficiency point system has been designed to eliminate the “participation” penalty of the previous proficiency point system and recognizes improved dance proficiency before requiring athletes to move up in proficiency levels. The new Proficiency Point rules also accumulate on a rolling 3-year scale, which will allow for reduced athlete proficiency or absence from competing.

These Proficiency Point rules are scheduled to become effective after the 2017 National Championships and with the publication of the 2017 DanceSport Rulebook. All DanceSport Athletes will start with zero proficiency points and begin earning points after the 2017 National Championships. Proficiency Points can only be accumulated at National Qualifying competitions (NQE’s) and the National DanceSport Championships.

Both the Proficiency Point Guide and Rules are posted in the DanceSport section of  our website at

After reviewing the Proficiency Point Rules and Guidebook, the DanceSport Council would like to hear your comments and/or questions concerning the Proficiency Point Rules. Please forward comments and questions to

Thank you,
DanceSport Council

USA Dance Inc.”


Count Down to Our Next Competition - February 9, 2019


The Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE
on February 9, 2019 in Sunny South Florida will be the

First National Qualifying Event (NQE) of USA Dance in Florida!!
The Annual USA Dance Royal Palm DanceSport Competition - now in it's 16th year -
is one of the most highly regarded dancesport competitions in Florida and in the United States.
We welcome Amateur, Pro/Am, Teacher/ Student, and Professional competitor couples from around
the United States, Canada, and the World!

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