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USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016

Election To Be Held for Members of the
New Board of Directors of
USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016
For 2018-2019 – To Volunteer,
Submit Your Form Before August 10, 2017


Attention Members of USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016:

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors of USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter for a two-year term – from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019 – please:

  1. Download (or print) either one of the following two forms:
  2. Complete either one of these Forms (not both), and submit it to the Nominating & Elections Committee c/o,
    by or before August 10, 2017.


o The “Candidate Confirmation Form” simply indicates your interest to serve, and requests the Nominating & Elections Committee to consider nominating you for election to the Board. Please submit this form if you wish to volunteer for the Board without collecting petition signatures of at least 8 other members of the Chapter.

o Candidate Nomination by Petition Form.” This Form is optional, and you are not required to submit this form. If you wish to volunteer without collecting signatures of other USA Dance members, please submit the Candidate Confirmation Form instead. If you do choose to submit the Candidate Nomination by Petition form, it must be signed by at least 8 other voting members of the Royal Palm Chapter, and if so signed and submitted would require the Nominating & Elections Committee to place your name on the ballot for the Board election.

If you have questions, please E-mail the Nominations & Elections Committee c/o

The current Board of the Royal Palm Chapter encourages you to volunteer to serve on the new Board. The vibrancy of our organization depends on the dedication and energy of volunteers.

The Nominating and Elections Committee for the next election consists of:

Vi Chiong – Committee Chair. Vi is a Member & former Board Member of USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter.

Marius Ungureanu Marius is a Member and Chapter Webmaster of USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter.

Barbara Bivona Barbara is an active Chapter Member and Volunteer.

In the September 2017 Royal Palm Chapter Newsletter, the Nominating and Elections Committee will announce the Slate of Candidates to stand for Election for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors of the Chapter, and the Election procedures to be followed. The Election will take place on October 10, 2017.

According to the Bylaws of USA Dance, Inc., each Chapter is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of at least 7 “Voting Members” of the Chapter, who are elected by the “Voting Members” of the Chapter every two years. The Bylaws (Article III) define “Voting Member” as any (i) Recreational: Social, (ii) Athlete: Competitor, or (iii) DanceSport Professional: Official member of the Chapter in good standing, who is at least 18 years old.

The next Board will be elected to serve for 2 years, from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019.

The newly elected Board will appoint Officers of the Chapter – including a President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary – from among the Board Members.


USA Dance, Inc. is a national non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting ballroom dancing as a healthy recreational activity and as a competitive sport known as DanceSport. The Royal Palm Chapter, serving South Florida, is one of 160 Chapters of USA Dance nationwide.

The Royal Palm Chapter of USA Dance, under the leadership of its current President, Patti MacDonald, holds monthly social dances, publishes a Monthly Newsletter distributed by e-mail to Members, sponsors community outreach programs, such as those encouraging young dancers as well as other programs fostering and supporting ballroom dancing for all ages, and has organized and sponsored a very highly regarded annual Royal Palm Dancesport Competition “Winter Frolic Dancesport Extravaganza” for the past 14 years.

As the representative organization for all-amateur social, recreational, and competitive Ballroom, Latin, Smooth, and Rhythm dancers in America, USA Dance and its approximately 160 local Chapters throughout the Unites States hold both social dances and competitive DanceSport events throughout the United States, culminating in the USA National Amateur Ballroom Championships each year.

Some of the Benefits of Membership in USA Dance, include:

  • Discount on Admission to Social Dances sponsored by the Royal Palm Chapter or by other Chapters nationwide.
  • The Ability to Compete in All-Amateur DanceSport Competitions Held by USA Dance Chapters throughout the United States.
  • Dance Information. All members receive a subscription to the national bimonthly magazine, American Dancer, in addition to our Chapter Newsletters covering local ballroom dance news, including information on places to dance, activities of our Chapter and other Chapters, and other interesting news, information and resources.
  • Enjoy the wonderful physical, mental and social benefits of ballroom dance. “Many members say that attending USA Dance events and association with the friends they make at those events quickly becomes a significant and very pleasurable part of their life. This applies regardless of age or whether you are a Social Dancer, DanceSport Athlete, Student, or Junior dancer. Dancers who love to travel enjoy the instant social life they find while on vacation.”
  • Better Health and Increased Longevity. It has been scientifically proved that dancing is one of the best exercises you can do. It helps prevent many diseases, staves off Alzheimer’s, and actually slows the aging of your bones, muscles, and brain. See the many research papers in our Resources section on our Competition website: Dancing for Good Health and Longevity.

If you are not already a Member of USA Dance, click below to join online:
Join or Renew Your Membership in USA Dance

Please consider volunteering to serve on the next Board of Directors of the USA Dance Royal Palm Chapter, to take office on January 1, 2018.

To volunteer, please submit your “Candidate Confirmation Form” (or a “Nomination by Petition Form”) to the Nominating and Elections Committee by e-mail to or by mail, addressed to:

Vi Chiong, Chair, Nominating and Elections Committee
c/o USA Dance Royal Palm Chapter
4805 Nolina Lane
Boynton Beach, FL 33436

By or Before August 10, 2017.

In the September, 2017 Royal Palm Chapter Newsletter, the Nominating and Elections Committee will announce the Slate of Candidates to stand for Election for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors of the Chapter, and the Election procedures to be followed. The Election will take place in October, 2017.



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