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Instructions on How to Register on O2cm

For the Royal Palm Dancesport Competition

          If you have used O2cm before and already have an O2cm Account, simply Log In at our O2cm Login Page, and register for the Competition and pay your Competitor Package Fees & any Entry Fees there by PayPal or Credit Card, as usual.

If you have not used O2cm before, here are the steps to follow:

1) Create an O2cm Account

To create an O2cm Account for your couple, at our O2cm Login Page (pictured below), type in your e-mail address only (ignore the Password box for now), click the gray Login button, and watch for an e-mail from O2cm.

O2cm Login page/ Entry Form to Register for the Royal Palm Dancesport Competition

2) Log in & Follow the Steps to Complete Account Information, Register & Pay

After completing Step 1) above, Login at our O2cm Login Page, using your e-mail address and the temporary password you received by e-mail from O2cm.

Then, follow the Step by Step Instructions on How to Register with O2cm – found further below .

But, first, just to acquaint you with the look and feel of the O2cm Registration Form, following is a screen shot of a sample O2cm Registration form, for a fictional couple called John & Jill Goosman, who have registered early for certain events at the Royal Palm Dancesport Competition, and are ready to click “Pay Now” to pay the indicated Amount due by PayPal or Credit Card.

Detailed instructions on each step to be taken to Complete the Form, as the Goosmans have done, are found further below.

O2cm Registration Page - Sample (John & Jill Goosman)

Note: John & Jill Goosman are a fictional couple, and the form above is for illustration purposes only. (We do not actually have a “Showcase” event at our Competition)

After reading the following information, if you have any questions, please e-mail us at:

Step by Step Instructions on How to Register with O2cm – For New Users (and Others with Questions):

Steps 1 & 2: – Complete Your Account Info & Add/ Select Yourselves as dancers in your Account:

  • Step 1:   Complete all your Account Information, enter a new password you will remember in both the “Update Password” and “Verify Password” blanks, and click “Save Account Information” (gray button left bottom of Step 1). (See Note on O2cm Accounts below).
  • O2cm Registration - Step 1 for Goosmans

    Note on O2cm Accounts:
    For Amateur or Same Sex Couples, you will want to set up one account for both partners in your couple. The Account can be under one of your names or under both of your names (as shown above for the Goosmans). You will then add both of you as dancers in the Account in the next step below. This will let you register for the Competition as a couple, and pay your Competitor Fees in this one Account.

    For Teachers or Pros who will dance with several Students and wish to pay for all of their Competitor Packages and Entry Fees in one Account, and then be reimbursed by the students, you can set up one O2cm Account under your name as Teacher, and then add all of your Students as dancers in your account. O2cm lets you add as many dancers as you would like in any O2cm Account.

  • Step 2:   If you have never used O2cm before to register for a competition, you must Add yourselves as the Lead and Follower dancers in your Account. Click “New” to add a dancer:
    O2cm Step 2

    Then, fill in all of the info for that dancer in the form that appears, and click “Save” to return to the Registration Form above:
    O2cm - Competitor Data Screen

  • When you have added the dancers in your Account (or if you have used O2cm before and have previously entered yourselves as dancers in your O2cm Account), then use the drop down menus in Step 2 to select the Gentleman (Lead) and Lady (Follower) for your couple:
    O2cm Registration - Step 2 - Goosmans
  • Note to Teachers: You will repeat Steps 2 through 5 for each couple you wish to register (yourself with each of your Students, separately). The total Entry Fees due for all couples you register in your Account will appear below for payment in Step 6.

Steps 3 & 4: – Select & Add your Entries in the Royal Palm Dancesport Competition:

  • Step 3:   Select your Entries: Make a selection in each available drop down menu – left to right (for Division, Age, and Skill Level). Be sure to scroll down in all drop down menus and windows, so you don`t miss any options! The Entries you select will appear in the Event Selection box at left.
  • In the left “Event Selection Box” (Step 3), Click to highlight Events you want to enter (if your available events fill the Event Selection Box, scroll down in the Event Selection Box to find all options – so you don`t miss any!), and click “Add Couple to Events” (gray button to the right of the drop-down menus in Step 3). The Events you have entered will appear in the “Entries for Couple” window in Step 4:
  • O2cm Registration - Steps 3 & 4 - John & Jill Goosman

  • Repeat the above process in Step 3 to select and Add additional Entries in other Divisions, Age Levels, or Skill Levels. Be sure to Select “All Ages” in the center drop down menu to find Challenges and other Events in your selected Division open to all Age Levels.

    For information on the number of Age Categories and Skill Levels you may enter in each Style of Dance, see Information for Competitors, and click on the Registration Info link found there that is applicable to your couple.

  • Step 4:   In Step 4, you can review, and highlight and delete Entries, if you wish. The Delete button is to the left, under “Step 4.”

Steps 5 & 6: – Add the Applicable Competitor Package for each Competitor & Pay your Competitor Package Fees & any applicable Entry Fees:

  • Step 5:   In Step 5, you must Select and Add a Competitor Package for each competitor. For each dancer in your couple, select the applicable Competitor Package, in the left drop down menu. Then, make a selection in every available drop down menu – left to right. (If only one option appears in any drop-down menu, select that option.)
  • O2cm Registration - Step 5 for Goosmans

  • In the far right drop-down menu, first select the Gent (or Leader) in your couple, and click “Add” (gray button under far right drop-down menu). Then repeat, and click “Add” for the Lady (or Follower). You must Add the applicable Competitor Package for each partner in your couple.

    Teachers with multiple students: Add your own Competitor Package one time; then add the applicable Competitor Packages for each of your Students.

    The Competitor Packages you have added for each of the Competitors will appear in the window marked “Reserved Tickets:” in Step 5.

  • Step 6:   In Step 6, you can review the total you owe for your Competitor Package Tickets and any Entry Fees (Entry Fees will automatically be added and appear in Step 6 for any Teacher/Student Events that have per-dance Entry Fees).
    O2cm - Step 6 - for Goosmans
  • Click the blue “All Heat Sheets” button to see and print (or take a screen shot of) your Heat Sheet for the Events you have entered. Click the green “Full Accounting Report” button to see and print (or take a screen shot of) your Accounting Report of the amounts you owe for the Events you have entered and the required Competitor Package Tickets you have added.
    Note: For best results, use Chrome as your browser to access and print the blue “All Heat Sheets” and green “Full Accounting Report” information. With Chrome, you can simply right click on the information that pops up to print it out. If you are using another browser, you may need to take a screen shot of the information in order to print it out. Just FYI – O2cm was built for the Chrome Browser, and some functions of the software work best with Chrome.
  • Click the yellow “Pay Now” button to pay for your Competitor Package Tickets and any per-couple-per-event Entry Fees appearing above. Clicking “Pay Now” will take you to our PayPal screen (pictured below), where you can pay by PayPal or Credit Card or Debit Card.

    To pay by Credit Card or Debit Card, skip the Password blank and the “Log In” button, and click on the Gray Bar at the bottom of the PayPal screen, saying “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”
    PayPal Screen - Goosmans e-mail automatically filled in - To pay by Credit Card or Debit card, Click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" (gray box)
    Clicking on “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” (gray bar at bottom of PayPal Screen above), will take you to a “Guest Checkout Screen,” where you will fill in your Credit or Debit Card information, Billing Address, and Contact Information, and click “Pay Now.”

    You should receive an e-mail from PayPal, confirming your payment.

Your Registration is not Complete until we receive both your Registration Form & Payment in Full. Rate increases effective December 1, 2017 will apply for everyone who has not paid by Midnight on December 1.

If this is your first time using O2cm, don’t worry, it will be easy next time! And, wait until you see the great benefits of the O2cm Onsight Technology at the Competition! We know you will be impressed!

Smiley Face with Thumbs Up!

Thank you for registering for the Royal Palm Dancesport Competition!

We look forward to seeing you at the Competition!!

After reviewing the above instructions, if you have any questions, please e-mail us at:

Index: Click to go immediately to the following information pertinent for you:

Reminders For All Competitors:

  • Your Registration is not Complete until we receive both your Registration Form and Payment in Full. Early Registration Rates now appear in our O2cm Registration Form. Competitor Package Rates will increase at Midnight on December 1, 2017 – for everyone who has not paid before then.
  • A “Competitor Information & Release Form” is required from all Competitors, and a Parent or Guardian for each Minor Competitor (under Age 19).

    You can easily and quickly submit this simple form online via our website. If you have not already done so, please go to the Registration Page on our website for a link to the Form.

    By registering for the 2018 Royal Palm Dancesport Competition (the “Competition”), you (each of the Competitors registered) agree to and grant all of the terms, release & indemnity stated in the Competitor Information & Release Form linked on the Registration page of our Competition website (the “Competitor Information & Release Form”), and you hereby waive, release, hold harmless, and agree to indemnify the organizers, USA Dance, Inc., USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016, Goldcoast Ballroom, and all of their officers, directors and representatives from and against, any and all claims or liabilities of any kind arising in connection with your registration for, participation in, attendance at, or travel to or from or while at, the Competition, or any cancellation of the Competition by the organizers. You understand and agree that everyone attending the Competition does so at his/her own risk. You further agree that the organizers may, at any time now or in the future, use and publish your name and/or any photo or video captured of you at or during the Competition, and you agree that the organizers may hereafter use your contact information to communicate with you. If you are a parent or guardian completing this registration for or with one or more minor Competitors (younger than age 19), you consent to such minors` participation in the Competition, and for yourself and such minors, you agree to the terms and grant the waiver, release, hold harmless, and indemnity stated in this paragraph and in the Competitor Information & Release Form. The language herein does not limit or restrict, and is not limited or restricted by, the provisions of any separate Competitor Information & Release Form you have submitted or hereafter submit to the organizers. If you have not already submitted a separate Competitor Information & Release Form, you can easily and quickly do so online via the link found on the Registration Page on our website.

  • Please register for all Events you wish to enter. You can scratch Events at the Competition, but addition of Events will be limited.
  • For more information on Events you may enter, Age Category and Proficiency Level restrictions, Competitor Packages, Entry Fees & Deadlines, Competition Rules & Policies, and other Competition & Registration information, see:
  • To Reserve your Hotel Room Now, at the Discounted Group Rates we have contracted at two High Quality Hotels near the Competition Venue, see Hotel Information/ Direct Reservation Links on our Competition website. Hurry while the Discounted Rooms Last! Reservation Deadlines Apply.
  • To purchase Spectator Tickets for any of your friends or family who will come to watch and cheer for you,

    Purchase Spectator Tickets Online

    Competitors do not need to purchase Spectator Tickets for yourselves;
    your Competitor Package will cover your admission to the Ballroom (all day) + a program.

  • USA Dance Membership:

    Note to Amateur Couples, Same Sex Couples, & Students in Teacher/ Student Couples:
    If your Membership in USA Dance or affiliated organization in another country will expire before January 20, 2018, you will need to Renew it and E-mail a copy of your new Membership Cards showing the new expiration date to before January 12, 2018.

    • Both members of each Amateur Couple or Same Sex Couple must be Athlete Members of USA Dance or an affiliated organization in another country. If you are a Newcomer, Social Membership in USA Dance is sufficient.
    • The Student in each Teacher/ Student or Pro/Am Couple must be at least a Social Member of USA dance or a similar organization in another country.
    • Pros who dance only in Teacher/ Student Events do NOT need to be members of USA Dance or affiliated organization.

    For more information on Membership requirements, Click Here.

    To Join USA Dance or Renew your USA Dance Membership, Go to:

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Teacher/ Student Couples, Please Note:

  • Scholarship Events are found under T/S Ladies or T/S Gents > Age Levels: Under 19; A (19-34); B (35-54); and C (55+).   (All of your other Events – Syllabus and Open – are found under the USA Dance Age Levels, ranging from Pre-Teen I to Youth to Adult, and from Senior I through Senior V.)
  • Scholarship Events are limited to one Scholarship Event per couple per dance style (Standard, Latin, Smooth, or Rhythm).
  • To qualify for a Scholarship Event:
    • For a 4-dance Scholarship, you must register for and dance in other Events (Single-Dance or Multi-Dance Events) with a total of at least 8 dances of the ones included in the Scholarship Event;
    • For a 5-dance Scholarship, you must register for and dance in other Events (Single-Dance or Multi-Dance Events) with a total of at least 10 dances of the ones included in the Scholarship.
    • Scholarship Events with fewer than 3 couples may be consolidated with others, with age and gender divisions merged into one Event. Prize money may be reduced by 50% in Events with fewer than 3 couples.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at:

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