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USA Dance Announces Syllabus Changes for Samba and Jive

USA Dance, Inc. - National Logo On September 30, 2015, USA Dance, Inc.’s Certification Committee and Invigilation Committee issued the following Notice to all Amateur Competitors and Professional Members of USA Dance:

Summary of the new USA Dance Syllabus Guidebook
Used to Invigilate USA Dance Competitions

In a continuing effort to give every athlete the same advantages and opportunities in competition, USA Dance has taken a special interest in invigilating sanctioned, closed, syllabus events. To invigilate is to be observant of athletes performing figures out of category, dancing original choreography, or using timing, picture lines or dance holds that are not found in the syllabus for the level of dance, thereby gaining an advantage over the competitors in their field. With the understanding that invigilation begins with the instructor or coach providing choreography for a specific level of competition, such as Bronze, Silver, or Gold, the responsibility remains with the athlete; therefore, this document is being sent to all amateur competitors and professional members of USA Dance.

The following changes have been approved by the DanceSport Council and Invigilators.

Samba Corta Jaca – Silver variation and the ability to turn is allowed at the Bronze level.

Jive Hip Bump (Left Shoulder Shove) – must start and end with a hold, but may release during the figure. Stop and Go – may release hold at all levels. Rolling Off the Arm – Spin Ending allowed at the Silver level.

Throughout the history of dance, the dancers have always dictated the syllabus. With this understanding, the new USA Dance Syllabus Guidebook has evolved. This is a living document that changes and progresses as our athletes and coaches continue to improve our sport. It is important to remember that we must balance change by adhering to the sound dance principles that are found in the various levels of dance.

Click here to view Syllabus Guidebook

Submitted by Wayne Crowder
Chair Certification Committee
USA Dance Inc.

Wayne is a World Dance Sport Federation Adjudicator and a USA Dance National Certified Adjudicator. He is a Fellow with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.”


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