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Registration for 2018 Competition
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Registration Information for Amateur Couples:

Royal Palm Chapter, USA Dance

Competition Events Offered for Amateur Couples.

To see a Chart showing all the Dance Events offered for Amateur Couples at our 2018 Competition: CLICK HERE: 2018 Events Offered for Amateur Couples (PDF Document).

We are excited to announce that Online Registration and Onsite Competition Technology will be provided by O2cM!
See further information below.

Our 2018 Competition on January 20, 2018 will have many new features! Watch for our post: New at 2018 Royal Palm Dancesport Competition on the Breaking News page of this website.

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Competition Rules & Policies.

The Royal Palm Dancesport Competition looks to the Dancesport Rulebook of USA Dance, Inc. as the primary guideline for this Competition. However, as a “Registered” (not “Sanctioned”) Competition of USA Dance, we are not strictly required to follow the Dancesport Rulebook, and certain deviations may be made.

For more information on the USA Dance Dancesport Rulebook and our Competition Rules & Policies, see Competition Rules, Regulations & Policies. There you will find a link to the Dancesport Rulebook and information on our Competition Rules & Policies – including the rules regarding USA Dance Membership requirements, age categories, dress code, cancellation policy, and more.

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Registration Deadlines & Competitor Entry Fees – for Amateur Couples.

2018 Registration Deadlines – For All Competitors:

  • December 1, 2017Early Registration Deadline for Discounted Registration/ Competitor Package Fees!   All Competitors who Register by December 1, 2017 pay a Discounted Early Registration/ Competitor Package Fee.
  • January 5, 2018 – Registration Deadline for Standard Rate Registration/ Competitor Package Fees. After January 5, 2018, Late Fees Apply.
  • January 12, 2017 – Final Registration Deadline for All Competitors (to get in the Program). Also Cancellation Deadline. No Refunds for Cancellations after this date. See Cancellation Policy.

2018 Competitor Registration Fees – For Amateur Couples:

See   Cancellation & Refund Policy

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Online Registration by O2cm.

We are excited to announce that Online Competitor Registration for our 2018 Competition will be provided by O2cm – along with the Latest Onsite Technology at the Competition!   This is the same technology that is used at all National Qualifying Events (NQE’s) of USA Dance.  

Heats Currently on the Floor, those On Deck, Call-Backs, and Heats coming within the next half hour, along with exact, up-to-the-minute Heat times will be projected in real time on a large screen in the Ballroom, continuously during the entire Competition! Judges will score with hand held computer pads, so that results will be available instantaneously. Competitors will also be able to use mobile phones, from wherever they are, to see the Current Event, What’s On Deck, their own Heat List, and Posted Marks available at all times during the day of the Competition. These are just a few of the benefits of the O2cm Technology.

Register Online – Now Open!

If you prefer to register using a paper Registration Form, please contact, to receive an Amateur Paper Registration Form for our 2018 Competition by e-mail.

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USA Dance Membership Requirements.

As an Amateur Couple, you both must be Athlete Members of USA Dance or an affiliated organization for amateur dancers in another country. Newcomers dancing in Newcomer Events only need only be Social Members of USA Dance or an affiliated organization for amateur dancers in another country.   For more information on Membership Requirements, Click Here.

To Join USA Dance or Renew your USA Dance Membership, Go to:

If your Membership will expire before January 20, 2018, you will need to Renew it and E-mail a copy of your new Membership Cards showing the new expiration date to before January 12, 2018.

Again, to Join USA Dance or Renew your USA Dance Membership, Go to:

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Age Classifications.

In each Style of Dance (Standard, Latin, Smooth & Rhythm), an Amateur Couple can enter into as many Syllabus or Open (Novice, Pre-Championship, or Championship) Events as they choose in up to two consecutive Age Classifications for which they qualify, and up to two consecutive Proficiency Levels (explained further below) for which they qualify. In addition, the couple may enter any Events offered for All Ages.

The Age Classifications for Amateur Couples are found HERE – on our Rules & Regulations page.

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How Many Events & “Proficiency Levels” Can You Enter?

Proficiency Levels – For Amateur Couples

Within each Style of Dance (Standard, Latin, Smooth, Rhythm), Amateur Couples may enter into as many Syllabus and Open Events as they wish within any two consecutive “Proficiency Levels” and any two consecutive Age Categories for which the Couple qualifies pursuant to the USA Dance DanceSport Rulebook, as explained below. In addition, the couple may enter into any Open Challenge Events which are open to all Proficiency Levels and all Age Groups, without restriction.

Following is a diagram found in the USA Dance Inc. DanceSport Rulebook, illustrating the different “Proficiency Levels” for Amateur Couples:

Proficiency Levels - Illustration from USA Dance DanceSport Rulebook


In the Syllabus Levels above, Newcomer events (1st five steps of Bronze) are also offered, preceding the Bronze Level.

Amateur Couples, neither member of which has ever danced as an amateur couple in a ballroom competition are eligible to dance in Newcomer events (in which only the first 5 steps in a bronze syllabus are allowed). Competitors who qualify for Newcomer events may choose to dance in ONLY Newcomer events or in both Newcomer AND Bronze Syllabus events.

Couples must not compete in any events below the minimum proficiency Level which is appropriate to their level of dancing and for which they are eligible under USA Dance Rules.

USA Dance Proficiency Points

In December, 2016, USA Dance announced new Proficiency Point Rules. Under these rules, Amateur Athlete members of USA Dance earn Proficiency Points based on their results in certain events at USA Dance National Qualifying Events (NQE’s) or National Championships, starting after the 2017 USA Dance National Championships. After earning a certain level of Proficiency Points at a particular Proficiency Level, the Athlete is no longer eligible to participate in events at that Level and must move up to a more difficult Proficiency Level.

Each couple is responsible for monitoring your own Proficiency Points and complying with the USA Dance Proficiency Point Rules. For more information on the new Proficiency Point Rules, Click Here.

In Which Proficiency Levels Can You Enter Events at the 2018 Royal Palm Dancesport Competition?

At the January 20, 2018 Royal Palm DanceSport Competition, within each Style of Dance (American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Standard, and International Latin), Amateur Couples may register for Syllabus or Open (Novice, Pre-Championship, or Championship) Events:

  1. In any two consecutive Proficiency Levels listed above which you in good faith believe are appropriate for your level of dancing,

    provided that if you earned Proficiency Points at a USA Dance National Qualifying Event (NQE) or National Championships after the 2017 Championships under the new USA Dance Proficiency Point System announced in December 2016, then you may not dance at a Proficiency Level lower than the lowest Proficiency Level in which you both are permitted to dance under the new Proficiency Point Rules; and

  2. In up to two consecutive Age Classifications (see below) for which the Amateur Couple qualifies per the USA Dance DanceSport Rules.

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Online Competitor Registration – via O2cm
Now Open!


You will be able to scratch events at the Competition, by using the forms that will be provided.

Competitors must pay their applicable Competitor Fees online at the time they register.

Your Competitor Registration will not be complete until we receive BOTH
Your Registration Form AND Your applicable Competitor Entry Fees.


If you have any questions about Online Registration, please feel free to e-mail

To purchase Spectator Tickets for any of your friends or family who will come to watch, fill out the short Spectator Tickets Order Form, and click the “Add to Cart” link there to pay online.

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The Annual USA Dance Royal Palm DanceSport Competition - now in it's 15th year -
is one of the most highly regarded dancesport competitions in Florida and in the United States.
We welcome amateur competitor couples from around the United States, Canada, and the world!
Starting in 2018, we will also include Teacher/ Student and Pro/Am Events!

Competition Sponsors & Principal Donors: