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Registration Information for Same Sex Couples:

Royal Palm Chapter, USA Dance

This Competition is Open to the World!!   At our February 9, 2019 Competition, in addition to Amateur Couples, we welcome Pro/Am & Teacher/Student Couples, Professional Couples, and Same Sex Couples, from All Countries of the World!   Members of Same Sex Couples, like all Amateurs and Student Competitors must be members of USA Dance, Inc. or an affiliated organization in another country. Membership requirements are set forth further below.

Competition Events Offered for Amateur Same Sex Couples.

Following is a Chart showing All the Dance Events Offered for Amateur* Same Sex Couples at our 2019 Competition: Click to Download and Print (as a PDF document):
Same Sex Events - 2019 Royal Palm DanceSport Championships

*Please Note: The above Events are for Amateur Same Sex Couples only.

Same Sex Couples of mixed proficiency who wish to dance as Teacher/ Student must register as a Teacher/ Student Couple for Teacher/ Student Events.
(See further explanation below under “Teacher/ Student Events.”)

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Special Rules of USA Dance for Same Sex Couples .

Amateur Same Sex Couple Events:

The following special Rules of USA Dance apply to Amateur Same Sex Couple Events:

  •  2.2.28 – A Same Sex Couple is comprised of two DanceSport Athletes, either a male/male or female/female partnership. [Note: Per Rule 2.2.5, a "DanceSport Athlete" means a member of USA Dance, or another member organization of WDSF in another country, in the category of a competitor who meets the eligibility criteria for Athletes as described in the RULES FOR COMPETITORS (section 4) of the USA Dance Dancesport Rulebook. See further information on Membership Requirements below.]
  •  3.4.2 – USA Dance will allow same-sex couple events at all USA Dance competitions.
  • – Competition organizers will have the option of including these events.
  • – Male/male events will be run separately from female/female events, except if there are fewer than 3 couples in those events, in which case the events may be combined.
  • – Same sex events need not be restricted by age categories or proficiency levels.
  • Athletes competing in same sex events, must follow Dress Regulations per rule 3.11*.

* Note: Dress Regulations for all competitors are found in Rule 3.11 of the USA Dance Dancesport Rule Book. For more information on Dress Regulations, see Competition Dress Code. As we interpret the dress regulations for our Competition, each member of a same sex couple may apply the dress regulations applicable for his or her gender (regardless of whether he or she is dancing as a leader or follower) at the Level and Age Category of Events being entered. The leader of the couple will wear the Competitor Number on his or her back.

Teacher/ Student Events:

USA Dance Rule 3.9.1 provides, “A Teacher/Student event consists of a Student and a Teacher. The Teacher may be male or female, regardless of the sex of the Student.

Thus, Same Sex Couples of mixed Proficiency Levels, where one is a Teacher and the other is a Student, may enter Teacher/ Student Events at our Competition. Those who wish to do so must register separately for Teacher/Student Events. The “Amateur Same Sex Couple Events” reflected in the PDF document linked above apply only for Same Sex Couples dancing as Amateurs, as the title implies.

The Rules and separate Entry Fees applicable to Teacher/ Student Events (including the separate Competitor Package & per-couple-per-event Entry Fees, restrictions on Scholarship Events, and other Rules for Teacher/ Student Events) will apply to any Same Sex Couples who choose to enter Teacher/ Student Events.

For Teacher/Student events, eligibility is determined by the Student’s age and proficiency level. Only the Student is judged.

Due to time and schedule restrictions at our one-day competition, we will not be able to offer separate Teacher/ Student Events for Same Sex Couples only. Therefore:

  • Same Sex Teacher/ Student Couples in which the Teacher is acting as the Leader and the Student is the Follower (regardless of gender), should enter into Teacher/ Student Events designated “T/S Ladies” – so that the partner not wearing the number on his/her back will be the one judged.

    These couples will be judged against other Teacher/ Student Couples in which the Student is the Lady (i.e. the Follower).

  • Same Sex Couples in which the Student is acting as the Leader and the Teacher is the Follower (regardless of gender), should enter into Teacher/ Student Events designated “T/S Gents” – so that the partner wearing the number on his/ her back will be the one judged.

    These couples will be judged against other Teacher/ Student Couples in which the Student is the Gentleman (i.e. the Leader).

Just as for other Teacher/ Student Events, those Events with 3 or fewer total couples in them, may be merged and consolidated with other Teacher/ Student Events, such that gender and/or age divisions may be eliminated.

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Registration Deadlines & Competitor Entry Fees – for Same Sex Couples.

Registration Deadlines:

  • December 1, 2018Early Registration Deadline for Discounted Registration/ Competitor Package Fees!   All Competitors who Register by December 1, 2018 will pay a Discounted Early Registration/ Competitor Package Fee.
  • January 12, 2019Registration Deadline for Standard Rate Registration/ Competitor Package Fees.   After January 12, 2019, Late Fees Apply.
  • January 26, 2019Final Registration Deadline for All Competitors.   Also Cancellation Deadline. No Refunds for Cancellations after this date. See Cancellation Policy.

2019 Competitor Registration Fees – For Same Sex Amateur Couples:

See   Cancellation & Refund Policy

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Online Registration by O2cm.

We are pleased to announce that Online Competitor Registration for our 2019 Competition will again be provided by O2cm – along with the Latest Onsite Technology at the Competition!    

Heats Currently on the Floor, those On Deck, Call-Backs, and Heats coming within the next half hour, along with exact, up-to-the-minute Heat times will be projected in real time on a large screen in the Ballroom, continuously during the entire Competition! Judges will score with hand held computer pads, so that results will be available instantaneously. Competitors will also be able to use mobile phones, from wherever they are, to see the Current Event, What’s On Deck, their own Heat List, and Posted Marks available at all times during the day of the Competition. These are just a few of the benefits of the O2cm Technology.

Online Registration Opening Soon! – Please Check Back.

  • To Register Online via O2cm:   Click the link above to go to our O2cm Login page. Follow the instructions there.

    For those new to O2cm, you will find further Instructions at the bottom of our O2cm Registration Form after you Login.

  • For advance step by step illustrated Instructions on how to use O2cm, see Instructions on How to Register on O2cm.

If you prefer to register using a paper form, please e-mail, and request that the paper Registration Forms for Same Sex Couples be sent to you by e-mail.

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Membership Requirements for Same Sex Couples.

We invite Same Sex Couples to participate in the Competition if both members of the couple are “Adult Athlete” or “Student Athlete” Members in good standing of USA Dance, Inc. or hold membership in equivalent categories in any affiliated organization or organization for amateur dancers in another country.

You can easily join or renew your membership in USA Dance online, at There, you can also print or download copies of your membership card.

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Other Rules, Regulations & Policies.

The Royal Palm Dancesport Championships – NQE is governed by the Dancesport Rulebook of USA Dance, Inc. as the official rules and regulations for this Competition.

See Competition Rules, Regulations & Policies for more information on our Competition Rules, Regulations & Policies – including the rules regarding entries permitted, age categories, proficiency levels permitted, dress code, cancellation policy, and more – for all Couples.

Note: Dress Regulations for all competitors are found in Rule 3.11 of the USA Dance Dancesport Rule Book. For more information on Dress Regulations, see Competition Dress Code.

Information on the Proficiency Levels and Age Classification for Same Sex Events is set forth below.

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Proficiency Levels – For Same Sex Events.

Multi-Dance Events

Multi-Dance Events will be offered for Same Sex Couples at two Proficiency Levels – (1) Syllabus and (2) Open – for each Style of Dance (Standard, Latin, Smooth, Rhythm). In addition, Same Sex Couples may enter into all Specialty Dances which will be offered at the Competition for All Ages and All Levels (see further below).

The Syllabus Level is restricted to Syllabus steps – at the Gold level or below. For more information on the steps permitted at each Syllabus level, see Official USA Dance Syllabus. We expect that, in each Style of Dance, the same dances as for Amateur Gold will be offered for the Same Sex Syllabus Level Events.

The Open Level is not restricted to Syllabus steps. Open choreography will be permitted, the same as allowed in all Open Amateur Proficiency Levels. We expect that the dances included in the Open Level Events for each Style of Dance will be the same dances as those in the Amateur Championship Level in that Style of Dance.

Same Sex Couples may dance in Events in both Syllabus and Open Proficiency Levels, if they determine in good faith that such events are appropriate to their level of dancing.

A single Open age category will be offered for all Same Sex Events (all ages may enter any Same Sex Event).

Female/female couples will compete only against female/female couples, and male/male couples will compete only against male/male couples, except that events with 3 or fewer couples may be combined gender (male/male couples and female/female couples competing against each other).

As with mixed-gender couples, both members of a same sex couple must be USA Dance Athlete members to compete. See membership requirements above.

Same Sex Events will be scored using the same standard skating system as all the other USA Dance events.

Open Specialty Dances

In addition to the above Multi-Dance Events, Same Sex Couples may also enter into as many of the Open Specialty Dance Events offered at the Competition as they would like. Specialty Dance Events, open to all ages and all Proficiency Levels, will be offered in the following dances: Argentine Tango, Hustle, Salsa, and West Coast Swing.

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Age Classification for Same Sex Couples.

A single Open Age Category will be offered for all Same Sex Events (all ages may enter any Same Sex Event).

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Online Competitor Registration – via O2cm
Will Open Soon – Please Check Back!


You will be able to scratch events at the Competition, by using the forms that will be provided.

Competitors must pay their applicable Competitor Registration Fees and Entry Fees online at the time they register.

Your Competitor Registration will not be complete until we receive BOTH
Your Registration Form AND Your applicable Registration & Entry Fees.


If you have any questions about Online Registration, please feel free to e-mail


To purchase Spectator Tickets for any of your friends or family who will come to watch, go to Spectator Tickets Order Form, where you can purchase Spectator Tickets online, and pay by PayPal or Credit or Debit Card.

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Count Down to Our Next Competition - February 9, 2019

USA Dance National Qualifying Event (NQE)

World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)

The Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE
on February 9, 2019 in Sunny South Florida will be the
First USA Dance National Qualifying Event (NQE) in Florida!!
Open to the World!   WDSF Open Standard Events Included!

The Annual USA Dance Royal Palm DanceSport Competition,
sponsored & organized by USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016, and now in it's 16th year,
is one of the most highly regarded
dancesport competitions in Florida and in the United States.
We welcome Amateur, Pro/Am, Teacher/ Student, and Professional competitor couples
from around the United States, Canada, and the World!

Competition Sponsors & Principal Donors:

See List of Scholarship Donors

The Catherine & Francis Burzik FoundationUSA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter
Goldcoast Ballroom


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