Event Venue - Goldcoast Ballroom

Goldcoast Ballroom
Our Competition venue is the magnificent Goldcoast Ballroom in Coconut Creek, Florida:
Goldcoast Ballroom

Goldcoast Ballroom
1415 Lyons Road
Coconut Creek, Florida 33063
Tel: (954) 979-0770

Website: www.GoldcoastBallroom.com

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Goldcoast Ballroom is one of the premier ballrooms in the United States. It has a large, beautiful full competition-size 45′ X 65′ solid floating oak dance floor.

Goldcoast Ballroom - Magnificent 45' X 65' Floating Oak Dance Floor

Goldcoast Ballroom – Magnificent 45′ X 65′ Full Competition-Size Floating Oak Dance Floor

Goldcoast Ballroom is owned by Jeff Sandler and Vinny Munno, both of whom are themselves accomplished ballroom dancers. Vinny Munno presides as the Music Director and Excellent DJ at our Competitions. For more pictures and videos showing Goldcoast Ballroom, see the Goldcoast Ballroom website.

Goldcoast Ballroom is open and available to the public for private practice (at a reasonable floor fee of $15.00 per couple per hour), private lessons or group classes every day of the week. And, the Ballroom offers ballroom social dances, open to the public, every Sunday evening, Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon, Friday evening, and many Saturday evenings. See the Goldcoast Ballroom Calendar for details.

If you wish to practice and try out the dance floor before our Competition, Goldcoast Ballroom will be open and available for private practice (at the reasonable floor fee of $15.00 per couple per hour) during the daytime, all day until 7:00 pm, on both Thursday, January 18 and Friday, January 19, 2018, the two days before the Competition.

On Friday evening, January 19, you can also attend the evening social dance at Goldcoast Ballroom from 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM for only $16.00 (including 6% FL Sales Tax) per person. See further information below.

Your Competitor Entry Fees include the right to practice and try out the floor (without additional charge) on the morning of the Competition, Saturday, January 20, 2018, between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. Smaller practice floors may be available during the Competition, and warm-up on the main floor may also be permitted during breaks between Divisions, Lunch Break, or any General Dancing Breaks, depending upon the number of Heats and whether the Competition is running on Schedule. For more information see Event/ Venue Info for Competitors.

As referenced above, on Friday evening, January 19, 2018 Goldcoast will hold its regular Friday Evening Social Dance from 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM. Friday evenings feature a combination of Ballroom and Latin/ Rhythm music from 8:00 PM until 10:00 PM, after which, on Friday evenings, the music turns primarily to West Coast Swing and Hustle, with some Ballroom, Latin & Rhythm mixed in. Competitors and visitors are welcome to attend Goldcoast’s Friday evening Social Dance the evening before our Competition. Admission to the Social Dance will be only $16.00 (including 6% FL Sales Tax) per person – for the entire evening (8:00 PM – 12:30 AM).

Following our Competition, on Saturday evening, January 20, 2018, Goldcoast Ballroom will host a Special USA Dance Royal Palm Dance Party for our Competitors, and USA Dance members – which will also be Open to the Public! The Doors will open at 7:30 PM. Competitors, spectators, and visitors are welcome to attend. Admission will be $16.00 (including 6% FL Sales Tax) per person – for the entire evening (7:30 PM – 11:00 PM).

Location: Map and Driving Directions

Goldcoast Ballroom is located at:

Goldcoast Ballroom
1415 Lyons Road
Coconut Creek, Florida 33063
Tel: (954) 979-0770

For a Map and Driving Directions to Goldcoast Ballroom,
see the Contact Us page of the Goldcoast Ballroom Website.


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The Annual USA Dance Royal Palm DanceSport Competition - now in it's 15th year -
is one of the most highly regarded dancesport competitions in Florida and in the United States.
We welcome amateur competitor couples from around the United States, Canada, and the world!
Starting in 2018, we will also include Teacher/ Student and Pro/Am Events!

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