Judges & Officials - 2017 Royal Palm DanceSport Competition

Judges & Officials for our 2018 Competition – January 20, 2018
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The USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter and the Competition Organizer are proud that
the following distinguished panel of World-Class Adjudicators & Officials
presided at our 2017 Royal DanceSport Competition

January 28, 2017


(Listed in reverse alphabetical order)

Glenn Weiss                 Adjudicator – From Denmark and California
Glenn Weiss

Glenn Weiss, One of the World’s Great International Standard Ballroom Champions, is a most highly regarded and widely sought-after international dance judge, instructor and choreographer. In addition, he has been elected as the current National President of USA Dance.

Originally from Denmark, Glenn now resides in Northern California, and teaches at local studios as well as other US and international locations.

His HONORS & TITLES include:

  • Two-time World Champion
  • Blackpool Champion
  • International Champion
  • European Champion, and
  • UK Champion

His JUDGING includes:

The International in London, German Masters in Frankfurt, Japan Open in Tokyo, USDSC in Florida, Ohio Star Ball and other North American, European and Asian competitions throughout the year.

Glenn Weiss is qualified and licensed as an international Adjudicator by the WDSF, in both Latin and Standard Disciplines and in both Professional and Amateur Divisions. In addition, he is qualified as an Adjudicator under the new, rigorous WDSF Olympics-style Judging System 2.0.

He judges numerous WDSF World Championships, World Cups, and World Open and International Championships and competitions throughout the World, in addition to USA Dance National Championships, and Championships and competitions throughout the U.S.A.


Has been featured on “So You Think You Can Dance” TV Ballroom Dancing

More information on Glenn Weiss, can be found on his website: Glenn-Weiss.com

Kathryn Schaffer     Adjudicator – From England and Florida
Kathryn Marie Schaffer, Adjudicator

Kathryn Schaffer is a former North American Champion and a former United States Champion in International Standard, dancing with Victor Veyrasset.

As well as winning the Ohio Star Ball and countless other Championships with several partners, Kathryn was a finalist in many open to the world competitions.

She has been the United States representative in several World Championships including those held in England, Denmark and Japan. Kathryn was honored to be a member of the highly prestigious Blackpool International Team Match. She is also the recipient of the very prestigious Feather Award.

She is a Certified World Class Adjudicator holding Highly Commended Fellow in International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth and American Rhythm with the N.A.D.T.A.

Since retiring from competition, Miss Schaffer has maintained an extremely active schedule as an adjudicator, lecturer and coach throughout the United States.

Christopher Skates   Adjudicator – From England and Florida
Christopher Skates, Adjudicator

Originally from England, Christopher Skates is a former UK Champion. He was the first person ever to win Blackpool in Standard and Latin in the same year.

Chris began dancing at the age of 6 in London, England, which ultimately resulted in several prestigious national championships. He became the United Kingdom and European Ballroom and Latin Junior Champion at the age of 15. Also at age 15, Chris became the South of England and North of England Champion.

Chris is the winner of many National and International Ballroom and Latin Championships and was a grand finalist in both Ballroom and Latin at the British Open (Blackpool).

Turning professional at age 17, Chris began teaching and judging nationwide. He operated his own studio in London for fifteen years.

In 1993, Chris moved to the USA, where he now lives in Florida.

Chris continues to travel, coach and judge nationwide.

Chris is fully qualified in all five styles: A+, B+, C+, D+ and E+.


Inez Sahlin                Adjudicator – From Czech Republic and Florida
Inez Sahlin

Inez Sahlin is a World Class Championship Judge and International Coach. Originally from the Czech Republic, she now resides in Bonita Springs, Florida. She is a:

– USA Dance, National Judge.

– Member and licensee: WDC, NDCA, ISTD, WDSF, DTCB, USADance.

– World Championships Finalist. US Open Professional Semifinalist.

– Former Amateur Champion and Runner-Up in Standard, 10 Dance, Team and Formation in Czech Republic and

– Champion, Winner or Finalist of over 300 competitions all over Europe.

– Professional Champion or Finalist in Ohio Star Ball, Constitution State Challenge, New England Imperial Championships, New England Championships and American Star Ball among others.

Currently Inez is teaching independently in the United States and travels regularly to coach in Europe.

​Her coaching successes include World and Blackpool Champions in Senior Latin, several National Champions of the countries where she teaches, World Standard and 10 dance Junior II and Youth Finalists and recent World Cup adult Finalists.

Inez is qualified and licensed as an international Adjudicator by the WDSF, in both Latin and Standard Disciplines and in both Professional and Amateur Divisions. In addition, she is qualified as an Adjudicator under the new, rigorous WDSF Olympics-style Judging System 2.0.

She judges numerous World Championships, World Cups, and WDSF International Championships and competitions all over the World, in addition to USADance National Championships, University competitions, and other Championships and competitions in the U.S.A.

Peter Pover                Adjudicator & Chairman of our Judging Panel — From England and Florida
Peter Pover

Peter Pover, three time National President of USA Dance since 1988, and Past President of WDSF, is a WDSF Licensed Adjudicator and Licensed Chairman of Adjudicators. He has judged several Continental and World Championships throughout the World, and many Championships and competitions throughout the United States.

Peter is a Retired Chartered Management Accountant, and former Amateur competitor and active DanceSport administrator in England, 1958-79.

As a competitor, Peter won several Championship Titles and Finalist placements, including Eastern United States Amateur Standard Champion 1981, and National finalist, among others.

He has been active in USA Dance (USABDA) since 1983.

Henrio Lebrie            Adjudicator — From Canada
Henrio Lebrie

Henrio Lebrie acts as a Judge and Chairman of the Board of Judges at many important competitions in Canada. This has included two Professional 10-Dance Championships in Canada, among many others. He also serves as an Adjudicator at competitions held in the United States, including having participating as a Judge at the World Professional Ballroom Championship held in Florida in 2003.

Henrio has been a dance teacher since 1972 (44 years). He has trained many amateur and professional students, some of whom have won Canadian and World Championships. He has been a Dance Studio Owner of L’ABRI DU DANSEUR ENR in Canada for 29 years.

He also acts as an Organizer of competitions in Canada, and has been the Organizer in Amateur and Professional of the L’AMICALE QUEBEC Competition for 14 years.

As a Competitor in both Standard and Latin, Henrio was a Finalist at several different Championships throughout North America, including in Quebec, throughout Canada, and in the United States. He achieved several Championship Titles, including Winner in the 10-Dance North American Championship in Latin in 1979.

Henrio has participated at the Winter Garden Competition and Congress at Blackpool for 20 years. He has represented Canada at the WDC World meeting in Blackpool for 7 years.

His credits and Certifications include:

  • Scrutineer of the Official Board of England
  • Member of the C.P.D.D.S.Q. (Corporation des professeurs diplomés en danse sociale du Québec)
  • Professional. Trainer of the C.P.D.D.S.Q. since 1984
  • President of the C.D.T.A. (Canadian Dance Teacher Association) for 14 years
  • Fellow of the C.D.T.A. in Standard and Latin
  • Fellow of the I.S.T.D. Standard and Licentiate in Latin (imperial Society of Teacher of Dancing)
  • Director of the C.D.T.A. National for 14 years

Elisabeth Dr Tarodine Toth       Adjudicator – From Hungary, Virginia, and Florida
Elisabeth Dr Tarodine Toth (Elisabeth Tarodi)

Elisabeth Dr Tarodine Toth (known in the United States as Elisabeth Tarodi), is a Professional dancesport coach, licensed teacher, adjudicator, and choreographer. She has more than 35 years of practice and experience in dance, and holds National and International Licenses and Certifications.

Originally from Hungary and Europe, she is a former National Professional Ten Dance Champion of Hungary, former Vice President of the National Judges Association, Representative to the World Congresses, and Adjudicator at International Competitions in Europe.

Elisabeth also has experience in organizing National and International Dance Competitions, workshops, dance camps, and teacher trainings.

She is proud to be the former teacher of many World famous dancers and teachers.



Karen Pritchard       Emcee – From England and Florida
Karen Pritchard - Emcee

Born in England, Karen Pritchard competed in Ballroom & Latin Championships through the ranks of British Amateur Ballroom and Latin Dancer to British Professional Ballroom and Cabaret Champion status. After winning The British Royal 10 Dance Championship, International 10 Dance Championship in Europe, and numerous competitions in England she performed in Cabaret and taught on Holland America Line Cruises for 13 years, including 7 World Cruises.

Presently, she is Coaching, Judging, Teaching and is Producer/Director of KP Productions, a non-profit Musical Theatre Company. Karen MC’s for several of the Competitions here in South Florida, and is known for her delightful spontaneous humor, and her superb timing and knowledge of dancing and competing, which are so instrumental in making the Competitions run smoothly and be so enjoyable to the competitors and audience alike. Her philosophy is, “Dancing should be fun for the performers and for the audience, making the day memorable for all”.

Her Credits Include:

  • Former British 10 Dance Champion.
  • 5 Times Blackpool Ballroom & Cabaret Finalist.
  • Qualified Member of I.S.T.D. and British Dance Federation.
  • Director, Producer & Choreographer of Musical Theatre Company.
  • Teacher of the Arts, Theatre Acting, Singing and Dance for Musical Productions.
  • Promoter, Organizer and MC.

Vinny Munno              Music Director – From New Jersey and Florida
Vinny Munno, Music Director

Vincent (Vinny) Munno is Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Goldcoast Ballroom, along with Jeff Sandler. Vinny is known not only throughout Florida but nationally and around the world for his electrifying music as a DJ. It has been said that he sets the standard for disk jockeys not only in South Florida but world wide.

As an example of the international recognition and acclaim that Vinny Munno and Co-Founder Jeff Sandler have received, they were invited to preside over the first ever Annual Euro Salsa Congress in Munich, Germany. Vinny acted as DJ and Jeff acted as Host and Master of Ceremonies at that spectacular international event. Vinny is pictured above in his role as DJ at the First Annual Euro Salsa Congress in Munich, Germany.

As the man behind the music both at Goldcoast Ballroom and the Music Director and DJ for our Annual Royal Palm DanceSport Competition, he is a most important and integral member of the team.

Vinny also is a very accomplished dancer. At the age of eight, he began his dancing career by training in ballet, jazz, and tap. During his school years, he also was exceptionally skilled in gymnastics. He continued to study ballet for eight years at the New Jersey Dance Theater Guild. He graduated from the Dance Educators of America Teacher’s Training School in New York City. For six years he appeared in the New Jersey Dance Theater Guild’s production of “The Nutcracker”.

Vinny later studied Ballroom dance seriously, and became an accomplished Ballroom dancer and competitor. Dancing with US Champion Professional Susie Thompson, he won titles including US American Rhythm Pro-Am Gentleman Champion in 1999 and 2000, and US American Smooth Pro-Am Gentleman Champion and Ohio Star American Rhythm Finalist in 2001.

Recently he is dancing with Pro Olga Bogdanov, and they have given some amazing, extraordinary performances in American Smooth dances at Goldcoast Ballroom Showcases.

Vinny hails originally from New Jersey. Before moving to Florida and dedicating himself full time to dance, he had a career in banking, which included starting as a loan processor and serving eight years as bank branch manager.

Patti MacDonald        Organizer & President, USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter – From Connecticut and Florida
Patti MacDonald, Organizer & President, USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter

Patti MacDonald, President and Director of the USA Dance Royal Palm Chapter, and her husband Les MacDonald, Director of the USA Dance Royal Palm Chapter, have brought this highly regarded annual USA Dance Royal Palm DanceSport Competition to South Florida.

Every year for the past eleven years, Patti MacDonald has served as Organizer of this highly successful, well run, and well-attended event.

With a background and formal training in ballet, Patti is a very accomplished amateur ballroom dancer and 10-Dance competitor. She has won several Championship titles and placed highly in both International Standard and Latin events in several ballroom dance competitions in the United States. In addition to competing as an amateur, she has performed in many formation teams and Showcases.

A graduate of Russell Sage College and the University of Bridgeport, in her native Connecticut, Patti has had a very successful career as an educator for many years. She taught in elementary and middle schools in Coral Springs, Florida, and also acted as School Librarian and Technology Consultant, until her retirement.

Patti has been active in the ballroom dance community for many years. She is currently the President of the USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter #6016.

Patti and her husband Les, who has retired from a long and successful career as an Executive of Florida Power & Light, live in Boynton Beach, Florida. Both serve on the Board of Directors of the USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter.

Jeff Sandler               Vinny Munno            Co-Founders & Co-Owners of Goldcoast Ballroom –
Our Competition Venue

Jeff Sandler Vinny Munno

Our grateful recognition and special appreciation go to Jeff Sandler and Vinny Munno, Co-Founders and Co-Owners of Goldcoast Ballroom, for hosting and generously co-sponsoring the Annual Royal Palm DanceSport Competition at the Beautiful and Nationally Renowned Goldcoast Ballroom each year for the past 12 years! Read more about Jeff and Vinny on the Goldcoast Ballroom website ».


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The Annual USA Dance Royal Palm DanceSport Competition - now in it's 15th year -
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