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Join or Renew Membership - USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016

USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016To join USA Dance or renew your membership, designating Royal Palm Chapter # 6016 as your Chapter, simply complete the form below and click “SEND,” and then click “PayNow” to pay your applicable first year’s membership dues by PayPal or Credit or Debit Card.

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Birth Month (Full Birth Date required only for Competitors):

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Category of USA Dance Membership for which you are applying (required):
 Adult Social Dancer - $35.00 Chapter Supporter (Social Dancer donating $10 extra to our Chapter) - $45.00 Youth Social Dancer (under age 19) - $10.00 Adult Athlete (Competitor) - $70.00 Student Athlete (age 19-34, in school) - $25.00 Minor Athlete (Competitor under 19) - $20.00 Other Category (designate in Box below)
Note: Athlete Membership is required for Amateur Competitors.

Other Category or Any Question or Message you wish to send:

After Clicking “SEND,” please click the “Pay Now” button below to pay your membership dues for the type of membership you applied for.

After clicking “Pay Now” above, fill in the amount of your membership dues
in the blank for “Price per Item” and click “Continue.”
To pay by Credit or Debit Card, skip the blue PayPal Login, and
scroll down and click the Gray Bar to “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”

You will receive an e-mail from PayPal acknowledging your payment, and then we will process your membership with USA Dance and send you a Welcome E-mail with your Membership Card.


If you prefer to fill out a paper form, simply download the USA Dance Membership Form – designating Royal Palm Chapter # 6016 – HERE, complete it, and scan and e-mailing it back to us, to: Then pay your first year’s Membership Dues (in the amount shown on the form for the Category of membership you choose), by PayPal or Credit or Debit Card by clicking the PayNow Button above.

Categories of Membership in USA Dance:

Annual Membership Dues are as follows, for each of the following Membership Categories:

  • $35 — Adult Social Dancer
  • $45 — Chapter Supporter (Social Dancer donating $10 extra to help support our Chapter)
  • $10 — Youth Social Dancer (under age 19)
  • $70 — Adult Athlete (Amateur Competitor)
  • $25 — Student Athlete (Competitor, ages 19 to 34 and enrolled in school full time)
  • $20 — Minor Athlete (Competitor, under age 19)

Other categories of membership are also available. Read more, and join on the USA Dance, Inc. national website.

Benefits of Membership in USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016

Click to Print Flyer (and for clickable links in Flyer):
Why be a Member of USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016?

Some of the benefits of membership in USA Dance, as summarized on the national website, include:

  • Discounts on Admissions to USA Dance Events of your Chapter and of all Chapters nationwide. “Attend our fabulous chapter dances anywhere in the country and pay the lower admission prices applicable to members. Each dance usually starts with a one-hour dance lesson, followed by several hours of general dancing. The typical program includes mixers, line dances, and dance demonstrations.”

    In South Florida, membership in the USA Dance Royal Palm Chapter # 6016, among other benefits, entitles you to attend our monthly social dances at a discount, take our weekly Flash Mob Formation Team Classes and practice sessions at a discount, receive our monthly Royal Palm Chapter Newsletter with information about ballroom dance opportunities throughout Florida, as well as to receive the American Dancer publication of USA Dance National, among other benefits.

  • Significant Merchant Discounts for Members of USA Dance. All members of USA Dance are entitled to significant discounts provided to USA Dance members by Office Depot, Wyndham Hotels, rental car companies, vacation and cruise companies, insurance companies, and many other merchants. The total value received per year from joining the Royal Palm Chapter far exceeds the annual dues you pay to be a member of USA Dance, Inc.

    For more information about the significant Merchant Discounts available to USA Dance Members, CLICK HERE.

  • The Ability to Compete in All-Amateur DanceSport Competitions Held by USA Dance Chapters throughout the United States. Adult Athlete and Student Athlete members of USA Dance can qualify to participate in the many all-amateur DanceSport competitions that are sponsored by USA Dance, Inc. and many of its approximately 155 local chapters throughout the United States throughout each year, and potentially may qualify to participate in the annual USA Dance National DanceSport Championships. United States National titles and the opportunity to represent the United States at the World Championships are awarded at the annual USA Dance National DanceSport Championships. A list of upcoming USA Dance DanceSport competitions can be found on the national website of USA Dance, and on the Upcoming Events page of the O2cm website.
  • Dance Information. All members receive a subscription to our exciting quarterly magazine, American Dancer. You will also receive our Royal Palm Chapter monthly Newsletters covering local ballroom dance news, including news of our Chapter events, information on places to dance, information on ballroom dance events throughout Florida and throughout the United States, and more.
  • Enjoy the wonderful physical, mental and social benefits of ballroom dance. “Membership funds the majority of our organization’s efforts and provides many benefits to dancers throughout the United States. One of the greatest benefits of membership in USA Dance is simply being an active participant in and supporter of this dynamic and effective leader, promoter and supporter of ballroom dancing. Many members say that attending USA Dance events and association with the friends they make at those events quickly becomes a significant and very pleasurable part of their life. This applies regardless of age or whether the member is a Social Dancer, DanceSport Athlete, Student, or Junior dancer. Dancers who love to travel enjoy the instant social life they find while on vacation.”
  • Better Health and Increased Longevity. See the many research papers in our Resources section on Dancing for Good Health and Longevity. It has been scientifically proved that dancing is one of the best exercises you can do. It helps prevent many diseases, staves off Alzheimer’s, and actually slows the aging of your bones, muscles, and brain.


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