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Comments Received on our 2013 Royal Palm DanceSport Competition

Organizer, Patti MacDonald

2013 Royal Palm DanceSport Competition
What a marvelous job you and your workers did for the comp. It is such a pleasure to enjoy our time at The comp at Goldcoast Ballroom.

We had such a great time. The program ran so smoothly. Kudos to the announcer, she does a fab job.

Our chapter members and friends thought it was really, really great.

Do share our thanks for the great job to all of you. We, truly enjoyed ourselves.

You and Les looked splendid on the dance floor. Smooches to you, Les and all the rest of your chapter helpers.

Carol Davis,
USA Dance Outreach Program, Ft. Myers, FL

* * *

Yesterday was amazing and wonderful.

Hi Patti, thank you for everything yesterday, from the opportunity to participate in such a good atmosphere of dance empowerment to the fabulous brownies you somehow had time to bake and bring!

Loved watching you compete in Latin again, loved getting to see all the pretty gowns, loved the amazing music Vinny surpassed himself sharing with us, loved how Karen keeps everything on track and lighthearted.

It was a great and uplifting day.

The camaraderie and infectious energy of the competitors was well worth the alarm being set for 6:30 (oy vey) and the nite foot cramps.:)

Giant hugs and much appreciation.
Love, Paula

ps please feel free to share this with whomever would appreciate/you feel is appropriate, I do not have everyone’s emails.

Paula H. Mendelsohn, MPH, RD, LD, CCN

* * *

I just wanted to thank you for hosting such a great competition! It was well run and quite enjoyable to compete at.

Thank you,
Sara Connell

* * *
Re: USADance Royal Palm

Hi Patty!

A great day and competition! I appreciate your recognition for the military veterans which I am one!

Carla Hoskins, Yeoman, US. Navy (Veteran)

* * *

Thank you so much. The competition was really nice and a lot of fun. Glad we finally were able to do it.

Didn’t read the part about the scholarships. That was icing on the cake.

Thanks again, was a lovely experience.

See you soon.

Wendy Anderson

* * *

I had a great time at the competition.

Thank you for putting it on.

Great job, Patti!

Daniel Shanetzky

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