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USA Dance Issues Summary of 2015 DanceSport Rulebook Changes

On May 12, 2015, USA Dance, Inc.’s National DanceSport Council issued the following Notice to all DanceSport Members of USA Dance:

USA Dance Notice to All DanceSport Members - 2015 Rulebook Revision

Summary of 2015 DanceSport Rulebook Changes

The 2015 edition of the USA Dance DanceSport Rulebook is now available on the USA Dance website under DanceSport drop down: click Bylaws, Forms, Policies, Rules & More: then click Rules, Policies & Bylaws. [Click HERE to View the New Rulebook.] There have been several rule revisions and additions, listed below are the major rule changes that you should review:

  1. Organizers now have the option of running Same Sex Couple events, which have now been approved for all USA Dance sanctioned competitions, see rules 2.2.28 and 3.4.2.
  2. Teacher Students events have been added and are in addition to the existing Mixed Proficiency events. Organizers now have another option of events to add to their competition choices. Professionals will be allowed as “Teacher” in Teacher Student events, see rules under 3.9.
  3. There have been several Dress Regulation changes in the Pre-Teen, Junior, Youth and Adult Syllabus age categories. Adult Syllabus Dress Regulations are now the same as Senior Syllabus Dress Regulations. (See rules under 3.11)
  4. Proficiency Point calculation rules have changed to allow Athletes more NQE and Nationals competition experience, before pointing out of lower proficiency levels. In addition, proficiency points are now calculated the same for all age categories (see rules – There is also a guide to calculating proficiency points posted on the USA Dance website under DanceSport. A program is currently being developed so Athletes may view their current proficiency point totals, by dance style, on-line. The program is scheduled to be up and running by mid-June. All Athletes will be notified when the program is available on-line. As a reminder, Athletes are also required to maintain their individual proficiency points for each dance style.
  5. Senior Athletes, that are age eligible (and depending on the dance style), may now compete in more than two consecutive age categories per competition, see rule

    [Note: after some research, we were able to clarify that this means the Rule changes removed a provision in the old Rules that had restricted all Athletes to no more than two consecutive age categories per competition. Instead, the new Rules make it clear that all Athletes, including Senior Athletes, may dance in up to two consecutive age categories for which they are eligible under the Rules, per dance style (International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth, or American Rhythm) at any one competition. For example, if you come within the Senior IV Age Category under the definitions stated in the Rules (one of you is at least 65 and the other at least 60 years old), and you are highly proficient in Smooth, but new to Standard, under the new Rules, you could elect to "dance down" in heats for Senior I and II (or Senior II and III) dancers in your Smooth events, but dance in heats for Senior III and IV (or only for Senior IV) in your Standard events. Under the old Rules, you would have been restricted to dance in no more than the same two consecutive age levels in all styles of dance at the same competition.]

  6. Appendix 8 – USA Dance Syllabus has now been removed from the rulebook and is a separate document named USA Dance Syllabus Guidebook. This Syllabus Guidebook is now posted on the USA Dance website under DanceSport and provides all reference material for invigilation of Syllabus level events. Also in the new Syllabus Guidebook is an extensive pictorial guide to dance positions.
  7. Please direct any questions you may have concerning changes to Stan Andrews at

    Submitted by USA Dance Dancesport Council

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