Competition Rules, Regulations & Policies

USA Dance National Qualifying Event (NQE)


Official USA Dance Inc. DanceSport Rules Govern this Competition

Click for link to : Official USA Dance Inc. DanceSport Rulebook

The Royal Palm DanceSport Championships – NQE, is governed by the official DanceSport Rules of USA Dance, Inc. The applicable rules and regulations are found in the Official USA Dance Inc. DanceSport Rulebook. The most recent version of the Rulebook and other relevant USA Dance Policies are found on the USA Dance, Inc. website – also linked from the DanceSport Rulebook icon at right.

It is the responsibility of all competitors to familiarize yourselves with the official USA Dance DanceSport Rules, and comply with them.

USA Dance, Inc. from time to time announces Interpretations, Policies, or other Official Actions taken by USA Dance official governing bodies with respect to its DanceSport Rules, which we post on this website for information purposes, as we become aware of them. See: Other Rules, Regulations & Official Actions of USA Dance, Inc.

This Competition is a USA Dance National Qualifying Event (NQE) and WDSF Open.   This means that:

  • Competitors can qualify for the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships at this Competition.   See Section 4.3 of the DanceSport Rulebook for the details on how to qualify.
  • Competitors can earn Proficiency Points at this Competition.  
    See Rule 5.2.2 and Section 4.8 of the DanceSport Rulebook for the rules regarding Proficiency Points.
  • Couples can earn USA Dance National Ranking Points at this Competition.  
    See Section 4.9 of the DanceSport Rulebook for the rules and details regarding USA Dance National Ranking Points.

    As a service to the USA Dance DanceSport Council, the official USA Dance National Rankings for all Championship Couples are posted approximately quarterly here on our Royal Palm DanceSport Championships website, until a leaderboard can be developed for the USA Dance National website.

  • Competitors can earn WDSF World Ranking Points at this Competition.   We offer WDSF Senior II Open Latin, and WDSF Senior I, II, III & IV Open Standard Events.   See WDSF Regulations for World Ranking Tournaments (Section 6, page 7), for the Schedule of World Ranking Points that can be earned in WDSF Open Standard and Latin Events, such as those offered at this Competition.


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Open to the World!     We Welcome Amateur, Pro/Am & Teacher/ Student, Professional, and Same Gender Couples from All Countries!

This Competition is Open to the World!!   We welcome competitors from All Countries of the World! As last year, we offer Events in three Divisions:

  • Amateur, including USA Dance National Qualifying Events, WDSF Open Events, and Supplementary Non-Qualifying Amateur Events;
  • Pro/Am & Teacher/ Student; and
  • Professional Events.

In accordance with the New Gender Neutrality Policy announced by USA Dance on October 11, 2019, same gender couples are welcome to enter Events in any of the above three Divisions for which they qualify pursuant to the same rules and regulations that govern traditional couples in that division.

Information on Events Offered, Fees & Registration Deadlines, certain Rules applicable, and Registration Info for each of these three Divisions, and for same gender couples, is found on the separate Competitor Information pages for the three Divisions and for same gender couples, linked on the Competitor Information page of this website.

Additional information on the Rules and Policies that apply to all competitors is found on this page.

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Membership Requirements for Competitors

Amateur Couples

As to Membership requirements for Amateur Couples, see Amateur Couples – Events & Registration Info

Pro/Am and Teacher/Student Couples

For information on membership requirements for for Pro/Am and Amateur Teacher/Student couples, see Pro/Am & Teacher/Student – Events & Registration Info

Professional Couples

For information about Professional Events and membership requirements for Professional couples, see Professional Couples – Events & Registration Info.

Same Gender Couples

Same Gender Couples must meet the membership requirements for the Events in which they wish to participate. See the applicable links above for Amateur membership requirements, Pro/Am & Teacher/Student membership requirements, or for Professional Couples membership requirements.

Registration Information for Same Gender Couples is found at: see Same Gender Couples – Events & Registration Info.

Membership Must be Current.

All competitors required to be members of USA Dance, Inc. or WDSF or an affiliated organization in another country (including Amateur couples, Professional couples, Amateur Adult Newcomers, Students in Pro/Am couples, both members of Teacher/Student couples), must affirm and prove that your membership is current (not expired) as of the date you register and as of February 29-29, 2020, the dates of the Competition.

Note: If you are registering for Amateur Qualifying Events or for WDSF Events, your membership will need to be effective for the dates of our Competition at the time you register. In that case, if your membership will expire before February 28, 2020, you will need to renew it before you register.

For all others for whom membership is required, if your membership is current at the time you register, but will require renewal to be current as of February 28-29, 2020, you must present proof of such renewal to the Organizer, by e-mailing a copy of your renewed membership card (showing an expiration date after February 29, 2020) to at the time you renew your membership, which must be no later than January 31, 2020.

You can easily join, upgrade, or renew your membership in USA Dance online, on the USA Dance National website. To Join USA Dance online, Go to: the Join Now Link on the USA Dance National Website.

To Renew and upgrade your USA Dance Membership, go to the Member Login Page on the USA Dance National Website, and click the Renewal Link that will be found in a yellow band at the top of your Profile page.

If you have questions or need help with membership, contact Mary at USA Dance Central at: (800) 447-9047 or

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Competition Events/ Info & Guidelines

For Registration Information, including Events offered, and particular rules, entry fees, and regulations applicable to you, please see the Registration Information page applicable to your Couple:

Amateur Couples – please see the Amateur Couples – Registration Info page.

Pro/Am and Teacher/Student Couples – please see the Pro/Am and Teacher/Student Registration Info page.

Professional Couples – please see the Professional Couples Registration Info page.

Same Gender Couples – please see Same Gender Couples – Registration Info page.

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Competitor Entry Fees & Registration Deadlines

Amateur Couples – please see the Amateur Couples – Registration Info page.

Pro/Am or Teacher/ Student Couples – please see the Teacher/ Student – Registration Info page.

Professional Couples – please see the Professional Couples – Registration Info page.

Same Gender Couples – please see Same Gender Couples – Registration Info.

See Cancellation Policy Below

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Online Registration

Online Competitor Registration for our 2020 Competition will again be provided by O2cm – along with the Latest Onsite Technology at the Competition!   This is the same technology that is used at all National Qualifying Events (NQE’s) of USA Dance.  

Current Heats, those On Deck, Call-Backs, and Heats coming within the next half hour, along with exact, up-to-the-minute Heat times will be projected in real time on a large screen in the Ballroom, continuously during the entire Competition! Judges will score with hand held computer pads, so that results will be available instantaneously. Competitors will also be able to use mobile phones, from wherever they are, to see the Current Event, What’s On Deck, their own Heat List, and Posted Marks available at all times during the day of the Competition. These are just a few of the benefits of the O2cm Technology.

Online Competitor Registration via O2cm will be Open Soon!   Register SOON »

If you prefer to register by mailing in a paper form with your check, please contact, to receive a Paper Registration Form for the 2020 Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE & WDSF Open by e-mail. Please indicate in your e-mail what division your couple will enter: Amateur, Pro/Am or Teacher/Student, or Professional, and whether your couple is a Same Gender Couple.

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Cancellation Policy

Competitors and spectators cancelling by January 31, 2019 will receive a 100% refund of their Competitor Package & Entry Fees paid (minus a 10% processing fee); cancellations between January 31 and February 14, 2020 will receive a 50% refund; cancellations after February 14, 2014, no refund. Please allow 30 days following the Competition for us to process and mail any refunds. Cancellations due to Competitor medical emergencies or other Force Majeure emergencies that prevent you from dancing, may qualify for full refund of your Competitor fees, or credit against next year’s Competitor Registration Fees, in the Organizer’s discretion, if proved by evidence satisfactory to the Organizer.

The Royal Palm Dancesport Championships, its Organizers, the USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016, and its Officers and Directors, are not responsible for any airfare, hotel, or other travel expenses, fees or penalties incurred by any Competitor or Spectator, for any reason or cause.

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Check-In Procedures at the Competition

To check-in at the Competition, Competitors will be required to:

  1. Show your current USA Dance Membership Cards (if current USA Dance Membership is required for your participation per the Rules stated on this website*). Your Membership Card must show an expiration date after the date of the Competition, and must reflect the Category of USA Dance Membership required of you per our Rules (See Membership Requirements for Competitors).

    Couples or Students resident in another country, please show your WDSF Membership Cards.

    *Exceptions to Membership Requirement: Pros dancing only in Pro/Am Events, College Students dancing only in Collegiate Formation Team Showcase or only in Newcomer Events, and anyone dancing only in Specialty/ Social Dances (Argentine Tango, Hustle, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Country Two-Step) Need NOT be members of USA Dance.
  2. Show a picture ID for each member of your couple;
  3. Sign a paper copy of the Competitor Information & Release Form;
  4. If you have any unpaid Balance Due on your Account, it must be paid in full before competing, either in cash (or, if permitted by the Organizer, by electronic payment by PayPal or Credit Card at Check-in).

    Note: We will notify any Competitors who have a Balance Due on your Account by e-mail in advance of the Competition, and provide you a link to where you can easily pay any such amounts due by PayPal or Credit Card in advance. If any Balance Due so notified is not timely paid in advance of the Competition, it is within the discretion of the Organizer whether or not to permit such couple to check-in at the Competition.

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How Many Events & “Proficiency Levels” Can You Enter?

You can enter as many Events as you choose, provided that you pay any applicable Entry Fees, and comply with the USA Dance Inc. DanceSport Rulebook, and the rules described below.

Click on the applicable link to find the Proficiency Level rules for your couple:

For Professional Couples, only Championship Level Professional Events are offered.


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Age Classifications

The Age Classifications and rules defined and set forth in the official USA Dance, Inc. DanceSport Rulebook will govern and apply for all Events at this Competition, with the following caveats:

  • Amateur Showdance, Cabaret and Theatrical Ballroom Events, and Professional Events are all offered only for Adult (19-34) and Senior I (35-44) Age Categories; and
  • Pro/Am & Teacher/Student Scholarship Events are offered only for a differently defined set of age categories),

    all as explained on the Events & Registration Info pages for each of those Events linked below.

Following is a copy of Section 4.8.4 of the USA Dance DanceSport RuleBook, setting forth the Age Classifications that apply for all categories of Events at the Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE (other than Amateur Showdance, Cabaret, and Theatrical Ballroom Events; Professional Events; and Pro/Am & Teacher/Student Scholarship Events):

Based on Ages Reached in Calendar Year 2020:

Section 4.8 USA Dance Age Classifications (1)

Section 4.8 USA Dance Age Classifications (3)

Amateur Couples

The above USA Dance Age Categories apply for Amateur Events at our Competition. For more information on the Age regulations for Amateur Couple Events, see the Amateur Couples – Events & Registration Info page.

Pro/Am & Teacher/Student Couples

The above USA Dance Age Categories apply for the Student in all Pro/Am and Teacher/Student Events at our Competition, except for the Pro/Am and Teacher/Student Scholarship Events.

For more information on the Age Categories applicable to the Student in those Events, see the Pro/Am & Teacher/Student – Registration Info page.

Professional Couples

Events for Professional Couples are offered only for Adult (19-34) and Senior I (35-44) Age Categories, and only at the Championship Level.

For more information on Professional Couple Events, see the Professional Couples – Registration Info page.

Same Gender Couples

Same Gender Couples must comply with the Age Category requirements for the category of Events they are entering — Amateur, Pro/Am or Teacher/Student, or Professional. Information specific to Same Gender Couples is found on the the Same Same Gender Couples – Registration Info page.

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Dress Code

See Competition Dress Code on this site.

For guidance to Same Gender Couples in interpreting the USA Dance Costume Rules, as they apply to them, see the Same Same Gender Couples – Registration Info page.

If you have further questions regarding dress/ costumes for the Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE & WDSF Open, contact

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Policy on Private/ Individual Photography and Videography

Please note that a professional Videographer and professional still Photographer will be available in the Ballroom for those wishing to purchase their services.

As at all USA Dance NQE’s, private photography and videography are permitted, subject to certain restrictions. Private photography and videography with your cell phone or small digital camera are permitted in the Ballroom provided that they are conducted in compliance with the restrictions below and taken exclusively for personal use. They may not be sold or used for commercial purposes. Please read and abide by the following restrictions:

  • All pictures and videos must be taken while you are sitting in your seat with the camera positioned no higher than eye level. Or, subject to the discretion of the Organizer, you may be permitted to stand directly and immediately in front of a pillar in the Ballroom, such that you do not obstruct the view of anyone or interfere with the Judges.
  • No photography or videography may be taken from the floor, aisles, or walkways.
  • No full-size tripods (those that stand on the floor) are permitted, and no lights are permitted.
  • Flash photography is not allowed. All cameras must be battery operated.
  • Lenses for private/ individual videos and photos may not be longer than six inches, measured from the body of the camera to the end of the lens.
  • Selfie Sticks are not permitted in the Ballroom.
  • Please do not obstruct anyone’s view of the dance floor.
  • Professional photographers and videographers with passes, and Chapter photographers and videographers wearing Staff Badges, are allowed certain exceptions to these rules.

These are common restrictions at USA Dance NQE’s. We appreciate your cooperation in abiding by these policies.

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Spectator Tickets

Spectators are welcome at the Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE & WDSF Open!! Come enjoy two full days and two Exciting Evenings of spectacular dancing, and cheer for your favorite couples!

Spectator Tickets are required for admission to the Ballroom by those not competing. Competitor Fees cover and include admission to the Ballroom for Competitors.

Spectator Tickets for each of the two Daytime Session and/or for each of the two Evening Session (with or without Buffet Dinner for Saturday Evening) are available for purchase on the Tickets page of this website. Information about the prices and various Ticket and Seating Options is found there.

Purchase Spectator Tickets Online Now

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Count Down to Our Next Competition -- Please Save the Dates -- January 28-30, 2022!!

USA Dance National Qualifying Event (NQE)

World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)

The Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE
in Sunny South Florida!!
USA Dance National Qualifying Event (NQE) & WDSF Open
Open to the World!   WDSF Open Events Included!

The Annual USA Dance Royal Palm DanceSport Competition,
sponsored & organized by USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016,                                      
now in it's 18th year, is one of the most highly regarded
dancesport competitions in Florida and in the United States.
We welcome Amateur, Pro/Am, and Professional competitor couples
from around the United States, Canada, and the World!

Competition Sponsors & Principal Donors:

Dancing Videos
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or at the Competition
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