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And, See Policy on Personal Videography & Photography

Order & Purchase Professional Videos

Our professional Videographer at the February 28-29, 2020 Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE will be:

Dancing Videos
Dancing Videos
301 Lime Drive
Nokomis, Florida 34275

Telephone: 941-400-7104
E-mail: dancingvideos@yahoo.com
Website: www.DancingVideos.dance

Competitors can order professional videos of their Competition performances from Dancing Videos in advance or on the day of the Competition.

At the Competition: Just visit the Dancing Videos table at the Competition – as long BEFORE you dance as possible – and fill out an order form, listing your Heats that you want recorded. Then pick up and pay for your videos before you leave the Competition. Credit cards are accepted.

Please see the Important Note below, however, if you are dancing in any Heats with more than 4 or 5 couples in them!

In Advance: To save time on the day of the Competition, and to improve your chances of getting a video for any Heats with more than 4 or 5 couples in them (see the Important Note below), you can print out the Dancing Videos Order Form from Dancing Videos’ website (http://dancingvideos.dance/order-form/) and e-mail the completed Order Form to dancingvideos@yahoo.com in advance (once you know your Heat Numbers). The Heat List and final Program will be posted on the Heat List page of this website before the Competition.

Important Note for Everyone Dancing in Heats with more than 4 or 5 Couples in them:   Because of the overwhelming response for many Events at this Competition, Dancing Videos will not have sufficient staff or equipment to be able to create individual videos for all couples in many of the larger Heats. Therefore Orders for Individual videos will be filled in the order in which they are received – First Come, First Serve!! The sooner you get your Order in, the more chance you have of getting an individual video for each of your Heats! To improve your chances of getting individual videos for any Heats with more than 4 or 5 couples in them, please submit your orders to Dancing Videos in advance (as soon as you know your Heat Numbers!)

Dancing Videos will, however, create a Full View video of the whole floor for those Heats in which there are more than 5 couples, and couples in those Heats will have the Option of purchasing the Full View Video.

Please see the Policy on Private Videography & Photography below »

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Order & Purchase Professional Photos

Our professional Photographer at the February 28-29, 2020 Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE will be:

Stephen Marino Photography
Stephen Marino Photography
1726 Patrick Place NW
New Mexico, NM, USA
(678) 907-9696

We are very excited and proud to announce that Stephen Marino Photography – with Stephen Marino himself! – will be the Professional Photographer at the 2020 Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE & WDSF Open!!

Competitors will be able to review and purchase your photos taken by Stephen Marino Photography, at the Stephen Marino Photography Table in the Ballroom and also on your mobile devices during the Competition!

Stop by the Photography Table in the Ballroom for Event Specials!

Stephen Marino Photography, owned by Photographer and Photo Artist Stephen Marino, is one of the premier Photography Studios in the United States and the World. They act as Photography Vendor at hundreds of prestigious Ballroom Dance Competitions throughout the United States and the World.

A partial portfolio of some of Stephen Marino’s breathtaking work, along with a long list of his impressive Body of Work in DanceSport can be found on the Stephen Marino Photography website: www.StephenMarino.com. Wow!

Stephen Marino and his assistant will be photographing and creating Spectacular images of your dancing throughout the Competition — all day and all evening on both Friday and Saturday. You will have many very special pictures by this very Top World-Class Photography Artist to choose from and purchase!

It is a special privilege to be photographed by this highly renowned Photographic Artist – Stephen Marino himself!!   He is known for capturing just the right moment to create something Spectacular!!   Don’t miss this exciting chance to view and purchase your keepsake photos by Stephen Marino during the Competition, and thereafter online.

Please see the Policy on Private Photography & Videography below »

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Policy on Private/ Individual Photography and Videography

Sample of Small Digital Camera - Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons - By Pierre Bauduin - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6804421

As noted above, a professional Videographer and professional still Photographer will be available in the Ballroom for those wishing to purchase their services.

As at all USA Dance NQE’s, private photography and videography are permitted, subject to certain restrictions. Private photography and videography with your cell phone or small digital camera are permitted in the Ballroom provided that they are conducted in compliance with the restrictions below and taken exclusively for personal use. They may not be sold or used for commercial purposes. Please read and abide by the following restrictions:

  • All pictures and videos must be taken while you are sitting in your seat with the camera positioned no higher than eye level. Or, subject to the discretion of the Organizer, you may be permitted to stand directly and immediately in front of a pillar in the Ballroom, such that you do not obstruct the view of anyone or interfere with the Judges.
  • No photography or videography may be taken from the floor, aisles, or walkways.
  • No full-size tripods (those that stand on the floor) are permitted, and no lights are permitted.
  • Flash photography is not allowed. All cameras must be battery operated.
  • Lenses for private/ individual videos and photos may not be longer than six inches, measured from the body of the camera to the end of the lens.
  • Selfie Sticks are not permitted in the Ballroom.
  • Please do not obstruct anyone’s view of the dance floor.
  • The Professional Photographers and Videographers for the Event are excepted from these rules. Approved Chapter photographers and videographers wearing Staff Badges (acting only for the Chapter and not taking photos or videos for distribution or sale), are allowed certain exceptions to these rules.

These are common restrictions at USA Dance NQE’s. We appreciate your cooperation in abiding by these policies.


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