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Ballroom Dance Lessons with Howard Marlow - $55.00 for Seven 2-Hour Lessons + 90 Minute CD! - Or $15.00 per Hour

Howard Marlow - Ballroom Dance Lessons

Ballroom Dance Lessons with Howard Marlow

Monday – Tuesday (Advanced) or Thursday
Seven 2-Hour Lessons (7-9 pm)
$55.00 Per Person
Includes 90 minute Instruction CD Free

Need a partner or private lesson?
$15.00 per hour

Join a Second Class for 1/2 Price!

Classes are Held at the American German Club
5111 Lantana Rd. Lake Worth

“Never Forget What You’ve Learned”
With Recorded Cued Combinations

Call: Howard Marlow 561/793-5370

President National Dance Teacher of America
Ballroom Director, Dance Masters of America
Certified by Test To Teach

Dance for Fun! Tell Your Friends!

Howard Marlow - Dance Instruction


Count Down to Next Competition -- American DanceSport Festival - 2023!!


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