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Circle of Friends (image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)The Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE & WDSF Open is a very successful, exciting, and fun annual event!  The Competition – now in its 17th year, sponsored by the USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter, is now a USA Dance National Qualifying Event, which includes WDSF Open Events, and divisions for Amateurs, Pro/Am, Collegiate, and Professionals. It attracts hundreds of excellent dancers and spectators from Florida, around the U.S., Canada, and the World.

We are grateful to our many dedicated volunteers who form our annual Volunteer Organizing Team and help make this event happen each year. They do a remarkable job, as illustrated by the many Comments of praise we receive from participants in the Competition each year. In addition, our volunteers become a wonderful “Circle of Friends.”


Our 2020 Volunteer Organizing Team for our
February 28-29, 2020 Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE & WDSF Open:

Following are the members who were part of our 2020 Volunteer Organizing Team,
for our Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE and WDSF Open on February 28-29, 2020:  

Organizer:     Connie Barnhart Koontz

Co-Chairs, Organizing Committee:     Lee Fox     Dave Koontz

Competition Registrar, O2cm Manager, Heating, Schedule & Program:     Connie Barnhart Koontz

Onsite Registration:     Sterling Sightler    

Deck Captains:     Paula Mendelsohn     Linda Miller

Assistant Deck Captains & Support for Competitors:     Saray Yli-Piipari     Roni Sarvas     Syrus Partian    

Competitor Package Assembly:     Connie Barnhart Koontz     Dave Koontz  

Reception/ Competitor Check-in:    Millie Ledoux     Sterling Sightler    
with help from Tammy Light, Real Forget, Elizabeth Coldren & Other Members of Logistics Team

Spectator Check-In & Onsite Ticket Sales:    Patti MacDonald     Les MacDonald    

Collegiate Outreach & FAU Team Sponsor:     Carolyne New

Logistics Director:     Aileen Waech     Logistics Co-Chair:     Syrus Partian

Logistics Team:
(Alphabetical order)
Elizabeth Coldren, Real Forget, Lee Graffeo, Cynthia Horn, Barry Kasven, Judy Kinyon, Ruth Laviolette,
Tammy Light, Linda Miller, Marcia Miller, W. Pat Mitchell, Rosalie Monte, Miara Mooi Wilten,
Syrus Partian, Arlene Peartree, James Ransone, Roni Sarvas, Jo Ann Scali, Aileen Waech, Debbie Yokel

Set Up & Take Down (part of Logistics):     Aileen Waech     Syrus Partian     Linda Miller     Miara Mooi Wilten     JoAnn Scali     with take-down assistance from:   Paula Mendelsohn     Connie & Dave Koontz
and Other members of Logistics Team

Support for Judges & Officials (part of Logistics):     Roni Sarvas     Syrus Partian     Miara Mooi Wilten
Marcia Miller (Welcome Bags for Judges & Officials and other Dignitaries)

Buffet & Food Service (part of Logistics):     Aileen Waech     Millie Ledoux     Roni Sarvas     Ruth Laviolette
Other members of Logistics Team

Grants & Scholarships Fundraising:    Connie Barnhart Koontz     Dave Koontz    
Terry O’Donnell (through Chapter Newsletter)     Our Whole Board

Awards:     Connie Barnhart Koontz     Roni Sarvas     With Chairman, Chairman Assistant & Judges

Awards Platform:     Millie Ledoux     Robert Kassover

Computers & Electronic Equipment:     Dave Koontz     Scrutineer, Daniel Dilley

Food Arrangements:
Connie Barnhart Koontz     Goldcoast Ballroom     Logistics Team

Hotel Arrangements, Vendor Arrangements & Shuttle Arrangements:     Connie Barnhart Koontz

Promotion & Communications:     Connie Barnhart Koontz     Dave Koontz    
Our Entire Board & Competition Organizing Committee

Competition Webmasters:     Connie and Dave Koontz
(Competition website – www.RoyalPalmDancesport.org)

Chapter Webmaster:     Marius Ungureanu
(Chapter website – www.USADance-RoyalPalm.org)

Chapter Newsletter:     Terry O’Donnell    

Chapter Photographer:     Lee Ranger


Volunteer Now to Join the 2020 Volunteer Organizing Team

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To Volunteer:

If you want to be part of the camaraderie of this great Team of volunteers and volunteer to join our 2020 Volunteer Organizing Team, e-mail the Organizer at Organizer@royalpalmdancesport.org.

Or simply fill out the Form below, and click “Send” at the bottom:

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Thank you for your Offer to join the 2020 Volunteer Organizing Team for the Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE & WDSF Open Competition!
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Why Volunteer to Help, and Become a Member of
our 2020 Volunteer Organizing Team?

  In addition to the reward of being a part of the Team producing such a beautiful and well received event,

  Benefits We Give Back:

In recognition and gratitude for our wonderful Volunteers, the Royal Palm Chapter will provide to each of our Volunteers who are members of our 2020 Volunteer Organizing Team and help at the Competition:

  • Free Admission to the 2020 Competition, All Day and All Evening (wearing a “Volunteer/ Staff” Badge) on the day on which you volunteer .
  • Free Lunch, if you work through that lunch period and work at least 6 hours that day.
  • Free Buffet Dinner at the Saturday Evening Session of the Competition, if you work at least 8 hours on Saturday!
  • Free Admission to one of our first three monthly Chapter Social Dances after the Competition (your choice).
  • Recognition with gratitude at the Competition, at our Chapter Dances following the Competition, and listing as a Member of the 2020 Volunteer Organizing Team in the Competition Program, on this website, and in our Chapter Newsletter.

  Have Fun and Be Part of a Great Circle of Friends. Our volunteers have a great time socializing, watching the amazing dancing we see each year, or performing and competing themselves. As someone said, “Dancers are the nicest people, and the most energetic, engaging, and fun friends!” Whoever said that was right!

Volunteer to help with the Competition and become a member of our 2020 Volunteer Organizing Team! It is great fun to be part of this amazing Team of friends!

  The Services You Donate are Tax-Deductible at “Fair Market Value” In addition, services and items donated to USA Dance, Inc. are tax deductible at their fair market value, as USA Dance, Inc. is qualified as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Tax Code. If you volunteer, you can request a Donation Receipt for your hours of service, for your tax records. (The Internal Revenue Code places the responsibility for estimating the value of services or items donated upon the donor rather than the organization receiving the gift. The IRS advises that “fair market value” is interpreted as the price which a buyer is willing to pay and the seller is willing to accept, when the two are independent and dealing at arm’s length.)

Volunteer Now

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What Can you Do to Help, as a Member of our 2020 Volunteer Organizing Team?

Among the tasks with which we need volunteer help for the Competition are the following:

  • Registration Desk — Works with Registrar to ensure all couples are properly registered for competition event.
  • Ticket Seller — Sells any tickets remaining on competition weekend and helps with selling programs etc.
  • Door Attendant — Checks audience tickets at entrance to ballroom.
  • Ushers –Assists guests in finding their assigned seats.
  • Clerical Help — Helps with printing programs, labeling tickets & reserved tables, stuffing Registration packets, and other clerical and secretarial tasks.
  • Food & Service — Assist with set up and replenishment of Buffet on Saturday Evening or Evening Snacks on Friday Evening; Setting Tables for Dinner; Help monitor and guide guests in orderly fashion to Buffet line, take/ monitor dinner tickets for buffet; other assistance with food and service;
  • Hospitality — Helps with membership issues and answering questions about USA Dance, and welcoming and assisting competitors and guests at the Competition.
  • Support for Judges — Keeps the Judges’ tables & area clean and makes sure that the snacks are out and replenished.
  • Floater — Someone who wants to do a little of everything.
  • Logistics & Setup/Take-Down — (always need people in this area) Looking for super volunteers who can take initiative but are team players, willing to work, do what needs to be done, and have fun! If you help set up (Thursday) or take down (Saturday at end of the Competition) you will receive, not just one, but two free admission tickets to our next USA Dance monthly dances following the Competition.

Volunteer Now

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Count Down to Our Next Competition -- Please Save the Dates -- January 28-30, 2022!!

USA Dance National Qualifying Event (NQE)

World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)

The Royal Palm DanceSport Championships NQE
in Sunny South Florida!!
USA Dance National Qualifying Event (NQE) & WDSF Open
Open to the World!   WDSF Open Events Included!

The Annual USA Dance Royal Palm DanceSport Competition,
sponsored & organized by USA Dance, Royal Palm Chapter # 6016,                                      
now in it's 18th year, is one of the most highly regarded
dancesport competitions in Florida and in the United States.
We welcome Amateur, Pro/Am, and Professional competitor couples
from around the United States, Canada, and the World!

Competition Sponsors & Principal Donors:

Dancing Videos
Order your Videos in advance
or at the Competition
Purple Tiger
Hair & Makeup - Text 941-266-1515
for Appointment (at our Host Hotel)
Stephen Marino Photography
Competition Photographer
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MK Style - Tail Suits, Tuxedos, Accessories
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