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Comments Received on our 2014 Royal Palm DanceSport Competition

Organizer, Patti MacDonald

2014 Royal Palm DanceSport Competition

Congratulations on another magnificent competition.
It gets better every year, Having Karen as MC does make for an enjoyable light hearted atmosphere, which we think brings out the best in dancers.

We would like to thank the members of the Royal Palm Chapter for their very generous scholarship prize for the S-4 Pre-Championship round.

Kay & David

* * *
Thank you, Patti – for successfully seeing to the completion of a challenging massive event outstandingly and admirably!
Terry O

* * *
Patti, thanks for the fantastic Royal Palms Dancesport

We had a great time and enjoyed being on the dance floor with such accomplished dancers. It was wonderful just watching all the skilled couples.

It has inspired us to try to become better dancers.

Hope to see you next year,
Larry and Dorothy Dunaway

* * *

Hi Patti,

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the Royal Palm comp. A well organized event once again this year.

We hope to be able to participate in 2015.

Have a good day & Hello to Les,

Maria & Vincent

* * *

Hi Patti,

This comp is certainly at the top of the list of our fondest memories!


* * *

Hi Patti, it was a fabulous competition last Saturday. Thank you so much for organizing this great event!

It’s a lot of work and well appreciated!

We look forward to next year!

Take good care,
Carla Hoskins –

* * *

Dear Patti

KUDOS! Just wanting to let you know that we enjoyed your Comp.

We were honored to be asked to carry the flag. We like supporting quality amateur competitions. Too bad the
state does not have more of them.

Hope to see you in July

Lou & Edy Sequeira

* * *
Dear Patti,

On behalf of our entire family we’d like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication in organizing the 2014 Winter Frolic.

We were very glad to be part of it and are looking forward to next year.

Alexei & Olga [Youth Competitors]
(and their mom and grandma)

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